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CoolSculpting : The Procedure

You might think CoolSculpting (the non-invasive treatment that freezes fat cells and supposedly has no healing time) sounds too excellent to be true. No sit-ups? No slabs? A slimmer stomach simply a couple of weeks later on?

Here’s the essence: Also known generically as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is carried out by medical professionals and aestheticians. By freezing fat, the process naturally gets rid of dead, frozen fat cells throughout your body. You can see lead to simply a few weeks-though often it uses up to 3 months.

My stomach has constantly been my difficulty location. I’m likewise willing to attempt almost anything when, so when I was offered the opportunity to test the treatment out, I figured I ‘d offer it a shot. As an avid runner with a fondness for pizza, I figured I had nothing to lose. Given that CoolSculpting guaranteed “no downtime,” I could solve back to training for the back-to-back 10K and half-marathon I had on the calendar about 8 weeks later on. (Signing up for your own race? Try our 12-Week Half Marathon Training Strategy.) I wouldn’t need to take any time off work either-and would ideally soon be gifted with a firmer six-pack. Win-win, right?

So I sneaked into a sleek Bellevue med spa on a peaceful Saturday morning. But with no one else in the waiting room, I suddenly felt alone-and anxious. “As a reporter, I need to have done more research on this prior to agreeing to it,” I thought to myself.

I realized I had no idea what I was getting into-not my normal, OCD-like method of managing anything related to my health or body.

The Evaluation

A professional blended me into a sterilized room and provided me a glorified paper bra and set of panties to put on rather of my own. (They were truly glam.).

After I changed, she advised me to stand in the corner under a few harsh lights so she could snap a couple of “prior to images” and figure out which parts of my stomach were best for the treatment.

Grabbing my gut-which I like to think I deal with rather as a regular exerciser!- my technician gladly exclaimed, “Oh, you’re going to be a great candidate. This roll is the ideal type of fat for CoolSculpting.”.

Not quite something you’re excited to hear while someone keeps your stomach roll.

I’ve fought with my body image my whole life, however I attempted to agree with her sentiment and nodded. However that was before she pulled out the marker (yes, a marker). Sorority-style, she took some sort of branded ruler to my belly and drew lines to imitate where my fat peaks.

OK, perhaps I should have anticipated that at a fat-freezing treatment. What I wasn’t expecting: to feel as squashed by her evaluation of my stomach as I did.

We chose my lower abs and I hopped in the chair, not quite ready for what was next.

The Procedure.

The technician gave me the rundown: She ‘d put a towel leaking with a freezing agent on the drawn-upon roll of fat. This would then be secured down on by the CoolSculpting device. The device hums for an hour, eliminating fat cells, and I ‘d have the ability to watch Netflix (score). Then, she ‘d return in, spend two minutes rubbing my fat back out, and we ‘d duplicate on the other side. All-in-all, this would total to 2 hours time. A bit much faster than a gazillion crunches, right?

I was currently feeling defeated from my assessment, but at her description of the procedure, I became straight-up frightened. She described the clamping of your stomach can feel like somebody is taking your breath away, however it was a lot even worse than that. The sharp pain of a substantial device drawing your stomach (picture a vacuum) is kind of inexpressible in the worst possible way.

Thankfully, you go completely numb after about 10 minutes (which is when I switched on an episode of SVU). The remainder of the hour is a blur of Mariska, chilly temperatures, and intermittent discomfort. I saw the countdown clock second by second on the CoolSculpting device.

As for that two-minute massage? Well, after the hour, your roll of fat has condensed into what feels and appears like a tough stick of butter. The service technician went back to invest what were the 120 most painful seconds of my life rubbing my right lower abdominal areas. This, she discussed, would assist decrease swelling and aid in the lymphatic drain of the now-dead fat cells. (So much for any future cozy connotation with the word “massage.”) With tears streaming down my face, I informed her the discomfort was too great. I ‘d need to come back another day to do the other side, I told her. (By the way, this is The Best Tool for a Much Deeper Self-Massage.).