Acne Causes and Treatments

There are very few things that can be as devastating to your self-esteem as acne.  Acne has a number of different causes including hormones which is why it can be such a problem in your teen years.  It can also be caused by an overproduction of sebum, or oil on the skin.  When you have that combined with the shedding of skin cells and plugged hair follicles.  Acne causes and treatment are important to anyone who has ever suffered from the condition.

Everyone Gets Acne

Acne affects everyone to one degree or another.  There isn’t a cure for acne but there are some measures that you can take to avoid making the problem worse.  For most of us the worst of acne comes during puberty, your bodies is going through lots of changes and hormones are raging.  For a small minority acne can go well beyond puberty and extends well into adulthood.  You can even suffer from acne over 30 and about 5% of people still have acne after age 45.  Here is a closer look at adult acne.

Where You Get Acne

Your face, neck, chest and back are the most common areas where you can get acne, leaving you with scars and sores.  These areas of your skin are where you will find the most sebaceous organ.  If you have adult acne then you can have lots of acne along your jawline.  Underneath the skin you will find follicular fittings, these are whiteheads and if they have been oxidized by air then you get a “zit”.  Your acne papules are anywhere from pink to dark red and the pustules are filled with discharge.

Treating Acne

There are a couple of ways that you can treat your acne, including antibiotics, topical agents and retinoids.  Washing your face with a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide can help keep your acne under control and slowly reduce break outs.   Acne can cause some pretty horrible scarring.  You can help reduce the acne scars by not picking at your acne.  There are treatments that can help with the scars, if you speak with a dermatologist they can recommend laser treatment or Botox and PRP treatments.

Acne can be frustrating and it can be soul crushing to deal with extreme break outs, especially when it goes on past your teen years.  There are solutions, talk with your primary care provider for a referral to a dermatologist who can help you manage your acne.  There are treatments available that can get your acne under control.

Cosmetic Procedures

CoolSculpting Can Get Rid of Fat Cells in an Afternoon

We have all struggled to get rid of those last ten pounds or to work off that stubborn muffin top from our waistlines, what if there was a better way?  Technology has made it possible for to get rid of that stubborn fat without surgery or any downtime at all.  CoolSculpting can get rid of fat cells in an afternoon.    The procedure cools fat cells causing the cells to die and your body flushes them out within a couple of months.  You can see results immediately after treatment, here are some more benefits to the procedure.

Safe and Effective

CoolSculpting was created at Massachusetts General Hospital and it is still the only fat freezing technology that the FDA has approves thus far.  There isn’t any surgery or artificial substances used in the procedures.  Only fat cells are targeted during the procedure and they shed naturally over time.  This is the best treatment to get rid of extra fat that is safe and comfortable.

Non Invasive

CoolSculpting is far different from gastric bypass or liposuction as there is absolutely no surgery required.  It is completely non-invasive and you can have the procedure done in under an hour.  While the treatment is going on you are free to have a nap or read a book.   There is no recovery time, you can go back to work as soon as it is over and it is the easiest way to get rid of fat quickly.

The Results Look Natural

First of all before you consider CoolSculpting you need to understand that it is not an excuse not to exercise or eat right.  You results do show up over 90 days and they look perfectly natural.  After each visit you will see at least 20% less fat on your targeted areas.  You will still need to take a closer look at your eating habits.

Long Lasting Results

Diet and exercise are still necessary to losing weight, however while they will cause your fat cells to shrink they won’t make them go away.  The minute you skip some workouts or eat the wrong foods then the fat comes back.  CoolSculpting will remove these cells from your body altogether, keeping the weight off longer.

Although CoolSculpting is incredibly safe and effective it is not an excuse to eat badly and live an unhealthy lifestyle.  You still need to get regular exercise to maintain your overall health and wellness.