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What is PCOS and What is the Treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

This is a condition in which a female experiences sex hormones estrogen and progesterone imbalances. This leads to the development of ovarian cysts. PCOS may cause female menstrual cycle changes and problems, infertility, cardiac function problems and interferes with the appearance of a woman.

The cause of PCOS is still unknown though scientific researchers believe that hormonal imbalances and genetics are the main causes. A female is likely to suffer PCOS if her mother , sisters and grandmother ever suffered this condition. A woman producing higher levels of the hormone androgen is also at the risk of suffering PCOS.

Symptoms of PCOS

a) Pelvic pain
b) Infertility
c) Reduce breast size
d) Thin and lose hair
e) Increased hair growth on the toes, thumb, face, chest, and stomach
f) Pain/ Acne
g) Weight increase

PCOS Treatment

There is no curative treatment for PCOS. The treatment aims on relieving the pain, controlling the condition and preventing further complications. Controlling PCOS lowers the chances of suffering infertility, breast cancer, miscarriages, diabetes, uterine cancer and heart disease. Symptoms determines the method of treatment one should use. Also treatment is determine the plan of carrying a pregnancy in the near future.

Methods of Treatment

a) Healthy Lifestyle
Weight lose exercises especially if one is are overweight. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight. Losing weight helps to balance a woman’s hormones thus start up her menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Eating a balanced diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products will help to reduce the chances of PCOS attacks and complications.

A woman who smokes is at the risk of producing high levels of androgens which may cause PCOS.

b) Drugs/ Hormone therapy
If you are not planning to become pregnant you can have birth control pills prescribed for you. The pills can help treat acne, lower male hormones in the body and control menstrual cycle. If you are suffering with infertility , fertility drugs administration may aid in ovulation.

When these drugs are used they can help reduce acne, excess hair growth. Prescribed Diabetes medications may also help to reduce blood glucose and testosterone levels.

A person suffering PCOS, surgery ( Ovarian drilling) may be recommended. This will destroy the part of the ovary affected though it is a short term solution.

c) Regular check ups
One should go to the clinic for regular check ups especially if she is suffering PCOS to reduces chances of complications such as heart attack, uterine cancer and hypertension.